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Gifting our latest product from JOIOS Handmade Collection - 

100% natural, handmade, powerfully relaxing Lavender Gift Set.

Perfect for a lady who needs deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

♥ Lavender Linen Mist Spray

Use this Lavender Pillow Spray air freshener anytime from morning to night to create a relaxing and sleep inducing environment

♥ Hand-poured Lavender Soy Candle (travel size)
This handcrafted lavender soy candle is the perfect item for the relaxing spa time at home or at your hotel room.:) Topped with real lavender buds and scented with lavender essential oil infused fragrance. 


♥ Lavender Scented Pillow Pouch

Delight your loved ones with these gorgeous fabric pillows. These little pillows are filled with dried lavender buds to induce the sweetest of dreams. Choose your fabric and personalised it their name initials.


You may like to add on wood name to complete the gift set! 


Please contact team if you are getting more than 5 sets, you have the option to customise/ design your own label stickers. 

Relaxing Lavender Gift Set

Include name initial on Lavender pouch
Add wood name?
Choose your fabric design...
  • Gift Set includes:-

    1. Lavender Linen Spray - 100ml

    2. Soy candle - 40g

    3. Lavender pouch


    Box Size: 17.5 cm x 17.5 cm